Spring-cleaning fundraiser!!

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It’s no small task to get a family of 7 to Africa – but that’s what we’re going to try to do at the end of May. For the first week, we’ll serve with Passion Conferences on the Kampala World Tour stop (check out Passion World Tour) at Makere University. Students in the states have been coming to Passion events since 1997 and now is the time to take the message of living a life sold-out for Jesus to the students of the world. Tague’s been working with the Kampala team for months. The rest of us are going to volunteer at the conference May 30-31. What an awesome privilege to serve and worship with the students of East Africa during those days!!

After the Passion conference is over, we’ll drive to Jinja to the Amani Baby Cottage to hang out with the kids and help the staff with whatever they need. We are praying that by then, we’ll know exactly which children are ours so we can meet them and love on them at little, even if we can’t take them home with us right away. (Be praying about that one!)

Many of your have asked about how you can help in our adoption process. First of all – THANKS for asking!!! Praying for us regularly is the biggest thing you can do to help!

Obviously, this family missions trip / orphanage visit costs a load of money. We’re asking Him to raise up what He needs to accomplish His purposes in all this. He’s been faithful to provide the funds for our home study, all the shots, the passports, the visas, the prescription meds for our travels, and on and on. The money has been there as needed for all of this to be possible. Now we’re asking Him for what we need to fly to and from Africa and for the expenses associated with taking care of our new kids currently living at Amani.

Honestly – we don’t have the money for that right now so we’re getting creative! Here’s where YOU can help!

April 24-26 we’re hosting a giant garage sale and we’re inviting each of you to participate! We’d love to include whatever you’d like to donate as part of this cooperative effort to raise the money needed! Our garage is cleaned out and ready to be filled up!! Feel free to drop by with your stuff (and maybe a table to put it on?) anytime. We’re accepting anything & everything — Furniture, toys, household items, etc. If you don’t live nearby, you could join us in this sale by posting some of your old stuff on eBay or Craig’s list. This could be the first ‘cross-country’ garage sale in history! Or maybe you have a better idea? Maybe some great (inspired?) idea we’ve not thought of yet. If you’d like to make a donation or a gift – let us know! Thanks and we’ll keep you posted!


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