Birth Parents

April 3, 2008 at 12:17 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 3 Comments

What an odd time this is. We are waiting to hear if our paperwork is approved. We are waiting to hear if the home study will be done by the time Tague goes to Uganda this month. We are waiting for a referral. We are waiting for babies to become available at Amani. Very odd to be simply waiting.

I’m also recently very struck with another reality. As I pray and hope and eagerly wait to receive this spectacular gift, another family – a globe away – is struggling tonight. It must be a little bit what it is like when you are waiting to receive an organ transplant. Hoping and praying for the gift that will change your life and yet, all the while, keenly aware that recieving this gift means someone else will suffer a great loss.

I know that for us to get that referral means someone has lost their children. Perhaps it’s an HIV+ mother who already has four children she can barely take care of. Perhaps its a dad who can’t take care of an infant now that his wife just died in childbirth. Or maybe its the extended family members who have been caring for their grandbabies or nephews…. until they just can’t manage it any more. Or maybe he’s just been abandoned because desperation won out.

Somewhere tonight there are people who are in the middle of a situation that is so grim that they feel like they have no option but to release these children to strangers. I am broken-hearted for them even as I am expectantly joyous for us. Pray for these dear people – whoever they are – that have brought this child into the world.



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  1. Wow. Amazing perspective!! What a blessing it will be to your new little one(s) someday to know this was your heartbeat before you even knew them!

  2. Hi guys, I was sent to your blog through my friend Kristen Franklin. My husband and I have adopted from Korea and have recently traveled to Uganda. We would love to adopt from there but heard of the three year requirement to live there. I was wondering if you could give me a little bit of your information. My email is
    I would love to learn more.
    Stay encouraged as I know the waiting, paperwork and finances are so frustrating at times. Thanks again for your time. H

  3. hey, thanks for your words….birthparents need lots of prayers, even years after they place their baby.

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