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“Sitrep” is military-speak for “situation report”.  We hope to keep this blog fresh for everyone and keep it up to date for you to join with us in prayer.  Things are in a holding pattern currently:  we are waiting for the final home study document so it can be reviewed and matched with our I600A with the USCIS.  We really don’t know what the time frame is, there is nothing else we can do to expedite this, and this is only one of several steps still awaiting us.  We must patiently wait for God’s timing and “run with endurance the race that is set before us.”  This race seems more like a steeplechase than a sprint or a marathon.  The steeplechase is a race with many fixed barriers that have to cleared, sloping surfaces and water hazards to plow through.  Similarly, our adoption “race” has and uneven rhythm to it.  Sometimes it seems like a sprint, others are more marathon like and still others involve barriers that must be cleared.  The difference for us is that we have no idea where or when the barrier will present itself.  We will have to fix our eyes on the one who perfects our faith, knowing that our small story is a part of His HUGE story and that we are privileged to participate. Even when we don’t know how the chapter will turn out or when it will end.  But we will be strong in the Lord and strength of His might. That will give us the endurance to run.


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