Off to Uganda

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I (Tague) am off to Uganda again for a visit to the Amani Baby Cottage and to Kampala also. This will be my second trip to Amani and I am looking forward to spending more time there and taking lots of pictures. We still have lots of hurdles to overcome (completion of the i600 immigration form, the home study, and Ugandan legal system requirements). Please pray on our behalf about those things and for wisdom and discernment about the many decisions that are in front of us!

Wanna pray about something?

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We have a home study interview on January 21st!    We talked with Karine and she’ll be coming over on Monday to check us out.    Hopefully, we’ll complete the interview series within a month or so.     Pray with us for that very important evening.

Tague gets fingerprinted!

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The good news or the bad news?

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Tague received a phone call today from New Horizons letting us know that they have reviewed our paperwork and have assigned a case worker to us!!   Her name is Corinne and she’s actually the one that several of our friends have worked with and have been really pleased with.    NH said that Corinne would call us and set up a time for our first (of 4) interviews.       Tague told me this exciting news as he was leaving for work and I was getting home from work.   We stood in the 10 degree weather in the driveway grinning and sharing our excitement before he left for a night in the simulators and I came in to make dinner.

When I came into the bedroom the little red light was blinking on the answering machine and guess who it was?    Yep.   Corinne.    While giggling in the driveway, we’d missed her call!   I called her back but had to leave a message.    Bummer. Hopefully we can connect tomorrow.     I think the ball is officially rolling.

adoption packet

adoption packet

New to the blogging world!

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When we were at the Passion ’07 Conference in Atlanta last year, a theme emerged that stuck with us. It was called the “Do Something Now Campaign”.   It was (in ‘Passion’ terms) a wedding of worship and justice, giving God what He wants most — for us to go to the least of these and meet their needs in Jesus’ name.   The students were called to contribute towards several significant projects around the globe — All of which are incredible in their scope and impact.   For us – God has called us to “Do Something Now” but in a different place, in a different way. The place is Jinja, Uganda. The way is through adoption.

As we are discovering, sometimes the ‘now’ in “Do Something Now” doesn’t happen quickly! BUT we are ‘doing something’!  The next step is:

Tague leaves again for Uganda on the 31st. Pray for our home study paperwork to move efficiently and effectively.

Recent steps forward

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Applying for passports!

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